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10th October 2023 through Ink & Pencil Publishing

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Despatch time approx 2 weeks.
See below for other ways to purchase in 3 - 4 days


"Charming, witty and beautifully illustrated, this delightful rhyming story carries

an important message about being true to yourself.”

Sarah Campbell, Founder, Parrot Street Book Club.

With 8 gangly arms, 3 hearts and blue blood,

there’s no-one like Mimi in this neighbourhood.


Mimi loathes being the only octopus in town and just wants to be ‘normal’. She spends her days in disguise, but soon discovers it’s hard to make friends when you’re always pretending to be someone you’re not.


Can Mimi dare to be different?

Will she learn to love herself, tentacles and all?

Or will she live her whole life in the shadows, destined to hide forever?

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Buy from Waterstones:
support your high street  bookseller
Approx 2 weeks despatch

Purchasing via Waterstones, either online through or by heading to your local Waterstones store and asking your friendly bookseller to order you a copy, supports their network of UK-based bookshops and helps to keep your local high street a thriving place to hang out. 


Buy from The Great British Bookshop: support indies and plant a tree
3 to 4 days despatch

The Great British Bookshop is the storefront of the print on demand UK-based Bookvault. Bookvault print every copy of 'How To Be Me', no matter which retailer you purchase it from. By purchasing from The Great British Bookshop / Bookvault you are cutting out the middle-man and thereby increasing the author's royalty payments. Bookvault also plant a tree for every order placed. 

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Ink & Pencil Publishing is a new craft publisher of beautifully illustrated and meaningfully written children's picture books. Our books are works of art that encourage the reader and listener to dive deep into them, inhabit their worlds, pore over them, possess them, share them, and of course read them aloud again and again and again. We establish creative collaborations with emerging artists and debut writers to celebrate the best in new global talent. Ink and Pencil Publishing is the author imprint of Amy Dodero. An author imprint is the name used by indie writers and self-publishing authors to publish their books, allowing them to bypass the powerful and often impenetrable mechanisms of the publishing industry and reach their readers directly, thereby retaining creative control of the their projects, maintaining a more direct connection with their readers and increasing their royalty payments.

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