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THE dodero family's current faves

'o-dod' (boy aged 4)
'b-dod' (boy aged 7)
    'a-dod' (mama, age 43)


Alone Barry Falls.jpeg

barry falls

O & B: Both boys love to repeat Billy McGill's increasingly angry tirades and enjoy spotting the tiny little mouse on every page.

A: Stunningly gorgeous illustrations and a blissful book to read out loud. Celebrates friendship whilst embracing the joy of introversion. My absolute fave book of the last 2-3 years and already a classic in our house.

tyranasaurus drip

Tyrannosaurus Drip Julia Donaldson and David Roberts.jpeg

Julia donaldson & david roberts

O & B: Was a favourite of B's. Read it to O for the first time today. He was hooked at every page and asked so many clever questions.

A: JD is always a joy to read out loud to a child. This book wins extra points for its fantastically drawn characters and for championing a plant-based life!

Love Emma Dodd.png


Emma dodd

O: 'Can we do the snuggly bunny story?'

A: I love this book because every time we read it O recreates each picture with the baby rabbit and his mama, meaning 12 pages of snuggles and cuddles with mummy! The perfect bedtime read for a pre-schooler.

i want my hat back

I Want My Hat Back John Klassen.jpeg

jon klassen

O & B: Both boys adore this book and act out the facial expressions on every character. They even 'read' the silence on the final page!

A: A modern classic that I never tire of reading. And perfect for those who like to give accents to lots of different characters!

the koala who could

The Koala Who Could Rachel Bright and Jim Field.jpeg

rachel bright & jim field

O & B: Good to straddle both age groups, with O now growing into this length of book.

A: My favourite RB / JF collab, with a gorgeous rhythm and strong rhyme scheme that helps non-readers to remember and recite the words. Go Kevin! (And O-Dod copies my Aussie accent which cracks me up.) 

the HARRY POTTER series

The Harry Potter Series J. K. Rowling.jpeg


B: Can't stop telling me about the latest plot twist and magical happening (I'm totally lost having never read them.)

A: I was worried this may be too ambitious for B-Dod but he's wolfing down these books and hungry for more! (And no nightmares as yet, phew.)

max and the midknights

Max and the Midknights Lincoln Pierce.jpeg


B: A surprise gift from Santa (AKA our local bookseller) that B swallowed up in days and is asking for the sequels.

A: I love that it took 2 books in this series for me to realise that Max is a girl, and that B-Dod is equally engaged with this strong girl hero as he is with all the boy-centric american cartoon novels he reads (Dogman et al).

moles spectactles

Moles Spectacles Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.jpeg

Julia donaldson & axel scheffler

O: Although he's engaging in many more challenging books than this, O still takes great pleasure in lifting the flaps enjoys the satisfying denouement.

A: A more recent addition to the 'Tales From Acorn Wood' series, I LOVE the fact the O cannot say spectacles ("Espeggtables") so this is a warm-fuzzy-moment book for me.

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